...how computers and humans joined to form something bigger than the sum of their parts
My new book on the secrets of technology releases this Tuesday

February 2023

The secret cues of AI in ChatGPT, Sydney, and an old horse
A case study in measuring goodness computationally
Little Johnny Jewel in the Piss Factory

December 2022

Mimicry but not thought, sophistry but not understanding

November 2022

The End of the Culture Wars in a Haze of Narrative Bunkers
Voice Recognition, AI, and Conformity

October 2022

The Manufacture of Truths Through an Excess of Knowledge Production

January 2021

Common knowledge is that which I know and that which I know everyone else knows. That, at least, is the easiest way to put it for my purposes here…

August 2018

Online services demand easily classified content. Users have obliged. Continue reading on OneZero »

May 2017

It’s safe to say the pseudonormalization of Trump has stopped, at least for a while. The moment Trump fired Comey, DC immediately returned to the…